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A coveted mushroom that everybody seems to love, aka liberty caps, is the psilocybe semilanceata. The psilocybe semilanceata grows around the globe in grasslands in temperate climates, where sheep, horses, and cows graze. Often used are lawns that are taken care of and fertilized with manure.

Although this mushroom does not grow on the dung directly, sedge grass is found in the dung enriched soil. Usually, at the base of clumps of grass is the outer edge. Fescue grass is a popular grass to find this species growing in. It is very common in the Pacific Northwest United States, and in the fall it is usually fruit.

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In particular, this species also thrives in Oregon and Canada, as well as the state of Washington. These free cap shrooms are also rising in many places in the world, and this author personally enjoyed a wonderful mushroom hunting experience in the northern Pyrenees of Spain and France to find these mushrooms along with psilocybe hispanica.

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In Spain and the PNW USA, an unusual orange variety of psilocybe semilanceatas is also growing. There are a few photos of this orange strain in our gallery. My Spanish friend who has been hunting these mushrooms for decades also tells me that he sees albino and other separate shaded shades of s every now and then.

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The semi’s growing psilocybe hispanica Buy Liberty caps mushroom is in the same region in the Pyrenees mountains, and they grow right next to each other as in this picture. In Spain’s Galicae, Liberty caps also grow alongside psilocybe Gallaeciae.

Though semilanceatas do not grow directly from dung, they grow from the dung-enriched ground below and through the dung when they are fresh. The dung works like a carcass’s soil and gives shade and moisture. My friends in Spain are lucky that psilocybe fungi are legal in their area and a natural part of their culture.

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